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Zoe Brittain This meeting was organised by Zoe Brittain

During Refugee Week, Greater Geelong Youth with Refugees traveled to Canberra with a community delegation to take a stand against the Government's cuts to income support (SRSS) for people seeking asylum. We were welcomed into MP Ged Kearny's office for a cup of tea and to discuss how our communities feel about the Government forcing people into destitution and the action Labor is prepared to take to stop this. 

Hi! I'm Zoe, and we had the fantastic opportunity to meet with Ged Kearney in her Parliament house office recently. Ged listened intently to those in our group with lived experience and the hardships they will face if their SRSS support were cut. We also got to hear from Ged about how she became passionate herself about the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia. We congratulated her on her first speech and the leadership she has shown in changing the conversation about refugee policy. She wholeheartedly agreed with us that there needs to be a shift in focus towards compassion, fairness and transparency and we asked her to please continue her awesome work shifting the dialogue back on the #RightTrack!

Since our delegation five Labor MP's have spoken out against SRSS cuts on the floor of Parliament!

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Local communities have been meeting their MPs asking them to get on the #RightTrack for people seeking asylum.