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Wentworth for Refugees is a new local action group for people living in Sydney's inner east.

We are a part of #RightTrack, a community-led movement of people having powerful conversations and taking local action to shift community attitudes and pressure our elected politicians.

The group was formed by a large coalition of community groups, faith communities and prominent local individuals during the historic 2018 by-election, in which Independent and outspoken refugee advocate Dr Kerryn Phelps won the seat with a record swing. 

Wentworth for Refugees used the by-election to dramatically raise the profile of the nationwide Kids Off Nauru campaign. We released polling showing that 80% of Wentworth voters wanted kids (and their families) off Nauru, and rated it the 3rd most important policy issue of the election.

Dr Phelps stepped up her advocacy on the issue in response, and her outspokenness helped propel her to a stunning victory. In turn, her win helped force the Government to agree to the community's demands, and brought all the remaining children and their families from Nauru to safety in Australia.

We need to step up and act. 

If we are to win safety, fairness and freedom for people seeking asylum in our community, we need to do more than think good thoughts.

Getting on the #RightTrack means people in the community getting training, having conversations that shift attitudes, and taking political action so that our elected representatives hear a loud and clear voice for safety, fairness and freedom.

We have proven that local members of the community can have a huge impact. Join us!

DONATIONS: If you would like to support the work of Wentworth for Refugees, our bank details are:

Account: Wentworth for Refugees

BSB: 633 000 (Bendigo Bank)

Account No: 169 172 848

Campaign Focus

Our initial campaign focus is on saving 'Medevac' from repeal in November. We aim to educate the community regarding the importance of the Medevac law and how the local community can support saving the law. 

Next Event: Join us at the Save Medevac Forum to learn about how the Medevac law is saving lives right now - and what you can do to save the law. Wednesday 23 October, 6 for 6:30pm, at Paddington Uniting Church. Register (free) via the link. 

What is Medevac?

Prolonged time in offshore detention facilities, is taking a significant toll on the physical and mental well-being of already sick refugees and people seeking asylum held in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

Under the Medevac Bill, critically ill refugees in these offshore detention centres now have a pathway to receive urgent medical treatment in Australia.

Before Medevac, the Government was regularly denying or delaying urgent medical transfers of sick men, women, children and even babies - often requiring court orders before they would finally comply. This inevitably resulted in people becoming far more sick, and in some cases dying, of treatable conditions.

Wentworth for Refugees believes that campaigning for the continuation of Medevac is an important point of focus to ensure that refugees and people seeking asylum receive urgent medical attention and treatment in Australia.

> for more detailed information, check out the Refugee Council of Australia's excellent Medevac FAQ page.