Wentworth for Refugees is a local action group for people living in Sydney's inner east.

We are a part of #RightTrack, a community-led movement of people having powerful conversations and taking local action to shift community attitudes and pressure our elected politicians.

The group was formed by a large coalition of community groups, faith communities and prominent local individuals during the historic 2018 by-election, in which Independent and outspoken refugee advocate Dr Kerryn Phelps won the seat with a record swing. 

Wentworth for Refugees used the by-election to dramatically raise the profile of the nationwide Kids Off Nauru campaign. We released polling showing that 80% of Wentworth voters wanted kids (and their families) off Nauru, and rated it the 3rd most important policy issue of the by-election.

We have proven that local members of the community can have a huge impact. 


To join or for further information about Wentworth for Refugees please contact – [email protected]

Website: https://wentworth4refugees.org.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wentworth4refugees/