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Calling Parties are a fun, fast and powerful way to put pressure on our political representatives.

In this hour-long event, you will receive a briefing about the current state of play and how to make (and log) your calls, then spend about 30 minutes calling a number of senior government ministers and other politicians, before coming back together for a debrief and celebration. 

Join us this Tuesday 16th of March, 12.30pm-1.30pm AEDT. 

Last year, we made over 1000 calls to politicians, so we know we can make a huge impact when we act collectively. Together, lets call our politicians and demand fair treatment. Grab your phone and we will see you there! 

RSVP NOW to receive the Zoom link. 

This event is part of the Time for a Home campaign.

About the Time for a Home Campaign

Over 100 refugees, men and women, who have been detained for over 8 years by our government were finally released into the community. Their freedom was won through people power - from the daily protests in Brisbane in Melbourne, to ongoing rallies and thousands of people across the country contacting politicians, which puts pressure on our government. 

Currently, there are still 12 men in  the Park Hotel Prison and hundreds of refugees across Australia including families in Darwin detained by the Australian Government. This arbitrary and indefinite imprisonment is cruel and harmful. That's why we are coming together to keep putting pressure on the government calling for the release of every refugee into the community. It is #TimeForAHome. 




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