Policy Factsheets

Here are some policy fact-sheets on key issues in the refugee justice movement from ASRC and Freedom Network (a network of people seeking asylum). 

    • A Fair Process
    • When any of us with the law, we expect to have a fair chance to present our case. When people seeking asylum they, like any of us, should have access to a fair and dignified process. 

    • A Pemanent Home with Family 
    • All of us want the safety and stability of a permanent home where we can care for our families and live peacefully in the community. Once found to be a refugee, people seeking asylum and their families should have access to a safe and stable future.

    • Pemanent Protection and Family Reunion 
    • Written by the Freedom Network, a group of people currently seeking asylum who are engaging in self-advocacy. "Asking the Government to restore permanent protection is our number one priority as we believe it is the key to a safe and secure future for our families. We are reaching out to the warmth and kindness of the Australian people to support us in advocating for the change we want to see." -Freedom Network