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Recently, Freedom Network wrote letters to Hon. Bill Shorten, asking the Leader to include the following policy areas in the Draft Labor National Platform on Immigration before the final draft is released in October. 

Mr Shorten, please move swiftly to resolve claims to end the years of waiting; include a process to fairly reassess rejected asylum claims as part of abolishing fast track - which effects about 5,000 people seeking asylum across the country; to realise reunion  with loved ones separated for years as part of gaining permanent protection and also to end the pain and suffering of children and their families on Nauru now by speaking out in the Parliament.  

A total of seventeen letters, most of whom were translated into English from Arabic, Farsi, Persian, Dari, Tamil and Amharic, were presented to Joe Stroud, Mr Shortens representative who oversees the Labor leader’s office in Victoria. Joe met with Freedom Network members for lunch followed by a letter handover where people had an opportunity to share their day to day struggles of seeking asylum in Australia under the current process.

Mr. Stroud assured the group he would hand over the letters and convey their wishes to Mr Shorten. The group is awaiting a response to their requests. 

It was great to meet you Joe, thank you. 

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Local communities have been meeting their MPs asking them to get on the #RightTrack for people seeking asylum.