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There is a growing discomfort in our communities about how our Government is choosing to treat people seeking asylum.

It's up to us to act together. We know that it will be people, not Government, that drives political change and attitude shift in the community.

At this panel discussion, Susan Alfayadh, Cam Walker and Margaret Rasa will share their experiences and insights on how to identify and build influence in your local community. Following the panel there will be an opportunity to connect with others in your area and put their tips into practice. See you there!

About the guests:

Susan Alfayadh

As a person of a refugee background, Susan is especially passionate about raising community awareness on the lives of people seeking asylum. Over the past year, Susan has been working at Oaktree, the largest youth-run organisation in Australia. She has consistently worked to equip young people with the skills and knowledge they need to have an impact on the issues they care about. Susan is the current Youth Organising Coordinator at the ASRC.

Cam Walker

Cam is the campaigns co-ordinator with Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia, a global network of grassroots groups active in more than 70 countries. After spending a decade working on national and international issues including leading the campaign calling on Australia to recognise climate refugees as a separate category of displaced people, he has spent the last five years focused on local campaigns against unconventional gas drilling in Victoria and in support of renewable energy.

Margaret Rasa

Marg is a retired public servant, and activist.  She worked as Director of Refugee Policy when the Federal Government was a leader in refugee responses.  She has since worked in Indigenous Affairs and in State Government, and been active in refugee advocacy and in environmental and international development campaigns.


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