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On 24 July, representatives of a range of community organisations met with Senator Keneally (NSW) to discuss how we can get on the #RightTrack for people seeking asylum.

Representatives from four community organisations recently met with Senator Kristina Keneally to discuss how we can get on the #RightTrack for people seeking asylum.

The delegation from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Jesuit Refugee Service, Uniting Social Justice Forum and Mums 4 Refugees discussed ways to ensure the Labor Party supports a fair process and permanent protection for people seeking asylum, and the urgent need to oppose cuts to critical income support, case management and torture & trauma counselling (under the SRSS program) for people waiting for their protection claims to be determined by the government. 

Senator Keneally has been a strong supporter of justice for people seeking asylum in her columns for The Guardian, and the delegation encouraged her to continue this advocacy in her role as Senator.

Ms Keneally said she has sensed a definite shift in community attitudes in favour of more compassion and promised to take up our concerns with the leadership of the Labor Party.

Thanks Kristina!

#RightTrack meetings are happening across the country:

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Local communities have been meeting their MPs asking them to get on the #RightTrack for people seeking asylum.