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Fairfield Migrant Interagency recently organised community and refugee sector organisation representatives in the Fowler electorate to meet with The Hon. Chris Hayes MP.

The meeting focused on the recent changes to Status Resolution Support Scheme (SRSS) impacting the lives of people seeking asylum in the community.

The delegation included representatives from Core Community Services, Settlement Services International and Refugee Advice & Casework Service. They focused their advocacy on the Government's plan to cut vital income support and trauma counselling services for thousands of people seeking asylum, including young families, through changes to SRSS eligibility

The meeting was a positive one. Chris acknowledged the extent to which services in the Fairfield area have already been stretched owing to the large number of refugees and humanitarian entrants that have settled in the area in the last two years. He listened to the issues raised and the solutions offered.

Chris clearly understood the significance of the Government’s terrible cuts to the SRSS program and the impact this will have on the lives of people seeking asylum who are living in the community. He promised to keep them posted about Labor’s advocacy on this issue.

Thanks Chris!

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