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Join Monash with Refugees on August 20 as Moz and Basim share their personal stories of life inside Australia’s mandatory detention.

Since 2013, successive Governments have declared that no person arriving in Australia by sea without a visa will ever be resettled. This decision has left hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers in on and off-shore detention; some for as long as eight years, with no end in sight.  

The Time for a Home Campaign has stated:

“Countless Parliamentary and Departmental inquiries, UN investigations, reports by the Australian Human Rights Commission, and numerous whistleblowers, including the government’s own doctors, have repeatedly told us the same story of systematic abuse, violence, and medical neglect of people held in detention facilities.”

Despite international condemnation, the Australian Federal Government remains unyielding with its asylum policy and draconian treatment of refugees. 

Moz Azimitabar is a Kurdish refugee amongst those who came to Australia seeking asylum in 2013, but was detained for 8 years in Manus Detention Centre, Papua New Guinea. Moz was subsequently transferred to Australia, where he was locked up in Melbourne’s hotel prisons for 14 months, before being released in January, 2021.  While Moz is celebrating his freedom, 14 other asylum seekers remain in hotel prison, and many others are detained in immigration centres around Australia. Moz has been recognised for his strong media presence and musicianship. His most well-known work includes the songs: ‘All the Same’, which exposes Manus's harsh conditions and tells Australians to “Get your shit together and sort out this mess,” as well as ‘Love’, which expresses his gratitude toward all those who have supported and advocated for him. 

Basim Alobeidi came to Australia seeking asylum from Iraq in 2013, but was redirected to Manus Island. Despite being verified as a refugee in 2015, he remained on Manus and was then transferred on-shore under Medevac legislation in 2019. He is still currently detained in Melbourne’s Park Hotel Prison.

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