Current MP: Andrew Giles, Labor. Shop 23-25 Stables Shopping Centre, Childs Rd, Mill Park. (03) 9404 1911

Major Communities/Cities/Towns within Electorate: Diamond Creek, Epping, Lalor, Mill Park, Plenty, Watsonia North, Wattle Glen, Yarrambat and parts of Bundoora, Greensborough, Hurstbridge, South Morang, Thomastown and Wollert.

Key 2016 Election Information:  +2.9% swing.  57% Labor, 28.5% Liberal, 7.6% Green on first party preference voting.

Strongest Support* for Liberal (two party preferred): Diamond Creek (where LP obtained 45.69% of votes).

Strongest Support* for Labor (two party preferred): Thomastown Meadows (ALP 85.84% of votes), Thomastown West (ALP 84.61%) and Lalor Park (ALP 81.17%).

*Note: 'Strongest support' determined using the following criteria: highest % of two-candidate-preferred votes, excluding pre-polling places and polling booths where the number of votes for the winning candidate was less than 1000 or over 5000. This is one example of how you might identify strategic locations in your electorate - for all 2016 election data, please see the AEC Tally Room website.

Background: Andrew studied Arts and Law. Before entering politics, he worked as an employment lawyer at Slater and Gordon before becoming a senior advisor to local state Labor MPs.

Key Policy Background: Andrew has served on a number of parliamentary committees including Public Accounts and Audit; Privileges; Environment; Infrastructure and Economics. He is also the Labor Party chair of the Education, Research, Science and Arts committee.

Relevant Information/Links to Community:  In a parliamentary address that coincided with World Refugee Week 2015, Andrew spoke of the need to stop the continuing dehumanisation of people seeking asylum, the need to promote and protect the rights of people seeking asylum and to celebrate the significant contributions such people make to the Australian community. In this address he also specifically highlighted the contributions made by the Whittlesea Community Connections organisation in supporting and welcoming refugees to Epping and the greater Scullin area.

Record on Issues Related to Refugees: Andrew has demonstrated a strong position when voting on legislation related to people seeking asylum and refugees. He voted strongly for implementing refugee and protection conventions and on increasing scrutiny of asylum seeker management, whilst strongly opposing the regional processing of people seeking asylum.

Other Potential Community and Advocacy Links: Andrew is the co-chair of Parliamentary friends of Amnesty International.

Key Industries within Electorate:  Manufacturing, light industrial, food processing, packaging and distribution, health and education.

Additional Information: Andrew has a history working for and protecting the rights of people seeking asylum and refugees. He worked as a key solicitor and legal representative for the refugees involved in the Tampa crisis. 

Vote heat maps: These heat maps represent the voting trends, by party, across the electorate. Each block is a small and equal grouping of voters. Darker areas depict a higher number of votes, for that party, in that block. This data should only be used as a general representation of voting trends in broad areas but not for specific locations.