Current MP: Jason Wood, Liberal, Phone: 03 9768 9164     [email protected] P.O. Box 539, BERWICK, VIC 3806

Major Communities/Cities/Towns within Electorate:     Beaconsfield, Belgrave, Berwick, Boronia (part), Cockatoo, Emerald (part), Ferntree Gully (part), Ferny Creek, Gembrook (part), Macclesfield, Mount Dandenong (part), Narre Warren (part), Narre Warren North (part), Narre Warren South (part), Officer, Olinda (part), Pakenham Upper (part), Sassafras, Tecoma and Upwey.

Key 2016 Election Information:  2.6% swing, Liberal 51.5%, Labor 48.5%, Liberal 42.2% on first preference party voting , Labor 31.4% on first preference party voting

Strongest Support* for Labor (two party preferred): Narre Warren (Latrobe) (ALP 64.02%), Tecoma (ALP 61.65%), Upwey (ALP 59.54%)

Strongest Support* for Liberal (two party preferred): Berwick (LP 60.82), Beaconsfield (LP 58.95%), Berwick Chase (LP 53.67%)

*Note: 'Strongest support' determined using the following criteria: highest % of two-candidate-preferred votes, excluding pre-polling places and polling booths where the number of votes for the winning candidate was less than 1000 or over 5000. This is one example of how you might identify strategic locations in your electorate - for all 2016 election data, please see the AEC Tally Room website.

Background: Jason was educated at the Chisholm Institute, Swinburne University and RMIT University, Melbourne, and has qualifications in management, including a master's degree in applied Science (field innovation service management – counter terrorism). He was a Senior Sergeant with the Victoria Police counter-terrorism unit before entering politics.

Key Policy Background:  Jason has often campaigned on environmental issues. He formerly supported an emissions trading scheme and was a member of Greenpeace. He was one of seven liberals who voted to change Liberal policy on same sex marriage. From 2004-2010, Jason served as the federal member for La Trobe, where he actively used his knowledge of counter terrorism to contribute to national debate, which assisted the Howard Government in implementing tougher terrorism laws.

Relevant Information/Links to Community:  Jason had been involved in the local community through sporting groups, environment groups, cleaning up after the bushfires, and fighting for a palliative care hospice in Emerald.

Record on Issues Related to Refugees:  Jason Jason voted very strongly against implementing refugee and protection conventions. The former police officer is the chairman of the committee looking into deporting minors. Jason said he has been lobbying Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Dutton about concerns regarding gang violence in his Melbourne electorate. In support of migrants having their visa’s removed if they are involved in gangs "If we don't look at this, they're going to end up in adult prisons and they'll be converted. And experience tells us they'll either become extremists or become even more violent." In favor of refugees losing welfare payments if they don’t attend English classes.

Key Industries within Electorate: Household products, car accessories and other light industries, horticulture, farming and tourism.

Vote heat maps: These heat maps represent the voting trends, by party, across the electorate. Each block is a small and equal grouping of voters. Darker areas depict a higher number of votes, for that party, in that block. This data should only be used as a general representation of voting trends in broad areas but not for specific locations.