Current MP:  Tim Watts, Labor. 97 Geelong Rd, Footscray VIC 3011, 03 9687 7661 Tim.Watts[email protected]

Major Communities/Cities/Towns within Electorate:   Albion, Altona, Altona Meadows (part), Altona North, Ardeer, Brooklyn, Footscray, West Footscray, Kingsville, Maidstone (part), Newport, Seaholme, South Kingsville, Sunshine, Sunshine West, Spotswood, Tottenham, Yarraville and Williamstown.

Key 2016 Election Information:  +1.7% swing.  46.9% Labor, 26.6% Liberal, 21.5% Green on first party preference voting.

Strongest Support* for Liberal (two party preferred): Williamstown West (where LP obtained 47.64% of votes), Williamstown South (LP 41.70).

Strongest Support* for Labor (two party preferred): Footscray (ALP 77.21% of votes), Footscray South (ALP 75.43%) and Ardeer South (ALP 75.13%)

*Note: 'Strongest support' determined using the following criteria: highest % of two-candidate-preferred votes, excluding pre-polling places and polling booths where the number of votes for the winning candidate was less than 1000 or over 5000. This is one example of how you might identify strategic locations in your electorate - for all 2016 election data, please see the AEC Tally Room website.


Background:  Tim studied Law before completing his masters in both Public Policy and Politics and Communications.  He spent 10 years working in the IT and telecommunications sectors.  Since entering into politics he has been a standing member of a number of committees including Education and Employment, Health and Treaties. 

Relevant Information/Links to Community:  Tim has spoken of his support of Operation Sovereign Borders, in line with Labor policy, including the implementation boat interceptions and turn backs at sea.  However, he has also used parliamentary addresses to celebrate cultural diversity within Australian communities and the important contributions that migrants can make to Australian society.  He has also been critical of how the Immigration Department's mandate has changed, highlighting its renaming from Department of Immigration and Citizenship to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. In 2017, Tim travelled on a self-funded fact-finding mission organised by Save the Children to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar to learn more about irregular migration.

Record on Issues Related to Refugees:  Tim has demonstrated a very strong position on the issue of people seeking asylum and refugees.  He has voted strongly for increasing scrutiny of asylum seeker management, implementing refugee protection conventions and strongly opposed the regional processing of people seeking asylum. He has also called for more private sponsorship of refugees.

Other Potential Community and Advocacy Links:  During the #LetThemStay campaign, students and teachers from the Victoria University organised a petition directed at Tim.  This petition demanded Tim take more affirmative action towards ensuring the safety and well-being of the 267 people who were in Australia and facing deportation.

Key Industries within Electorate:  Food processing, petrochemical and carbon products, one of Australia's largest marine engineering facilities, transport facilities, warehousing. Other industries include tourism and leisure in the historic precincts and along the bay, tertiary education sector, student accommodation, industrial and commercial parks and retail sector including strip shopping centres and major shopping hubs including homemaker centres.

Additional Information:  The ASRC is situated in the Gellibrand electorate.

Vote heat maps: These heat maps represent the voting trends, by party, across the electorate. Each block is a small and equal grouping of voters. Darker areas depict a higher number of votes, for that party, in that block. This data should only be used as a general representation of voting trends in broad areas but not for specific locations.