Current MP: Andrew Broad, Nationals. Suite 1, Level 1146 Eighth Street, Mildura, VIC, 3500,[email protected]

Major Communities/Cities/Towns within Electorate: The main centres are Mildura Warracknabeal, St Arnaud, Horsham, Stawell, Swan Hill and Kerang.

Key 2016 Election Information: -2.3 % swing.  64.3% National, 21.4% Labor, 7.1% Green on first party preference voting.

Strongest Support* for Labor (two party preferred): Mildura (ALP 38.5%)

Strongest Support* for Liberal (two party preferred): Kerang (LP 79.28%), Cohuna (LP 78.81%), Swan Hill (LP 75.44%)

*Note: 'Strongest support' determined using the following criteria: highest % of two-candidate-preferred votes, excluding pre-polling places and polling booths where the number of votes for the winning candidate was less than 1000 or over 5000. This is one example of how you might identify strategic locations in your electorate - for all 2016 election data, please see the AEC Tally Room website.

Background: Andrew has a background in small business enterprise and lamb, oilseed and cereal farming.  He has also served as the President of the Victorian Farmers Federation, the Director of the National Farmers Federation and has also sat on the board of Australian Made, Australian Grown.

Key Policy Background: Andrew has highlighted a strong nationalistic emphasis stating the “unashamed” need to put Australia first on access to agricultural land, defence policies, trade policies and natural resources.

Relevant Information/Links to Community:  The town of Nhill is located in the Mallee electorate.  As has been widely documented and published Nhill represents an ideal case of both harmonious and prosperous economic and social integration of refugees within Australian communities.  Additionally, through his high-standing positions within state and federal farming federations, Andrew demonstrates a strong commitment and connection to the Australian farming industry. 

Record on Issues Related to Refugees:  Andrew has demonstrated a strongly negative voting tendencies on legislation related to people seeking asylum.  However, on the issue of the one-off Syrian refugee intake Andrew was quoted saying 10,000 was, “really just a spoonful off the top,” and aligned with comments about the potential economic and infrastructural benefits of people being resettled in regional Victoria.   This is pertinent to the electorate given the success of the Karen people’s integration into the town of Nhill.  In support of Andrew has also stated that people seeking asylum should be entitled to full working rights.  

Key Industries within Electorate:  Dried fruit, citrus and stone fruit, wheat and cereals, wool, sheep, vegetables, vineyards, olive oil, dairy and beef cattle, meat works, mining and flour milling.