Current MP: Sarah Henderson, Liberal, 3A/195 Colac Road Waurn Ponds 3216, 5243 1444

Major Communities/Cities/Towns within Electorate:  Anglesea, Apollo Bay, Colac, Inverleigh, Lorne, Torquay, Winchelsea, Barwon Heads, Belmont, Grovedale, Highton, Ocean Grove.

Key 2016 Election Information:  - 0.8% swing.  46.4% Liberal, 30.8% Labor, 11.5% Green on first party preference voting. 53.13% Liberal, 46.87% Labor two party preferred.

Strongest Support* for Liberal (two party preferred, circled in blue on map below): Highton West (where LP obtained 58.34% of votes), Torquay North (LP 48.55%) and Highton South (LP 48.16%).

Strongest Support* for Labor (two party preferred, circled in red on map below): Mandama (ALP 57.79% of votes), Grovedale East (ALP 56.68%) and Grovedale (ALP 56.44%).

*Note: 'Strongest support' determined using the following criteria: highest % of two-candidate-preferred votes, excluding pre-polling places and polling booths where the number of votes for the winning candidate was less than 1000 or over 5000. This is one example of how you might identify strategic locations in your electorate - for all 2016 election data, please see the AEC Tally Room website.


Background:  Sarah began her career in journalism and media, working for Channel 7, Channel 9, 3AW, ABC’s 7.30 Report and The Investigators and as a newsreader for Channel 10.  After completing a Law Degree she then practiced commercial law in New York as an attorney for News Corporation before returning to open a media consultancy firm Kudos Management.

Key Policy Background: During her political career Sarah has remained on the backbench. Since her election as the Corangamite MP, Sarah has demonstrated a specific focus on jobs, infrastructure, environment and community. 

Relevant Information/Links to Community:   Sarah’s Waurn Ponds office has been targeted by Combined Refugee Action Group protesters for her complicity in the Government's “appalling” treatment of people seeking asylum.

Record on Issues Related to Refugees:   Sarah has demonstrated an inconsistent policy position upon issues and legislation as they relate to people seeking asylum and refugees.  Her record within Parliament has indicated a very strong support against implementing Bills that relate to the rights of refugees and protection conventions. This includes voting strongly for the regional processing of people seeking asylum, stopping people who arrive by boat from ever coming to Australia, whilst voting very strongly against implementing refugee and protection conventions, increasing scrutiny of asylum seeker management. However, she also recently made a plea directly to Peter Dutton requesting formal intervention in the case of Geelong local, Homayon Hatami, who faces deportation because of an expiring bridging visa.

Other Potential Community and Advocacy Links:  Through the Federal Government’s $45M “Stronger Communities Program,” Sarah highlights how 17 local Corangamite community organisations have received financial assistance.  These include Bannockburn Tennis Club, Bannockburn Men’s Shed, Barwon Heads Football and Netball Club, Barunah Park Recreation Reserve, Barrabool Cricket Club, Birregurra Bowling Club, Barwon Valley Pony Club Cororooke Tennis Club, Colac Otway L2P driver training, Highton Bowls Club, Lorne Aquatic & Angling Club, Geelong & Surf Coast Cycling Club, Meredith Hall Committee, Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club, Ocean Grove & District Men’s Shed, Torquay Marine Rescue Service, Surf Coast Shire.

Key Industries within Electorate:  Beef and dairy cattle, crops, fishing, forestry, sheep, horticultural and organic farming, food processing, manufacturing, retail and tourism.

Vote heat maps: These heat maps represent the voting trends, by party, across the electorate. Each block is a small and equal grouping of voters. Darker areas depict a higher number of votes, for that party, in that block. This data should only be used as a general representation of voting trends in broad areas but not for specific locations.