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Persuasive Conversations workshop - learn how to speak powerfully and personally about people seeking asylum

This 2-hour workshop will introduce tools and strategies to have persuasive values-based conversations to shift community attitudes about the rights of people seeking asylum and secure commitments to action.

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The workshop is intended for people who feel strongly about the harm to people seeking asylum being caused by our Government, and are ready to take action, as well as those already involved who want to learn new skills to improve their advocacy.

At the workshop you will:

  • Learn how to connect your own experience and values to speak more persuasively with family and friends
  • Learn how to respond to objections to keep conversations constructive
  • Learn how to use conversations to secure commitments to take action

 Please note this is not a policy forum as such, it's a skills workshop and entry point for grassroots community action to shift public opinion and win real changes to the lives of men, women and children who deserve safety, fairness and freedom. 

Here is what one of our participants thought about a recent Sydney workshop:

"The workshop was very effective, especially because it gave us the chance to practice our new found skills with role playing. I realise it takes practice but I'm convinced that values-based language is effective in changing people's opinions."

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