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For too long, the Government has turned the process people go through when they seek asylum into a political issue to push harmful policies that deny people basic rights and a fair process. This has created a conversation based on fear and division in our communities.  

Just recently, the Turnbull Government has decided to cut off all support for people seeking asylum. This is just one example of how politicians deliberately make it hard for people to get on with rebuilding their lives and be part of our communities.

To change the policy, we must change the conversation.

The good news is that with #RightTrack, communities are equipping themselves with the tools to do just that.

#RightTrack is a community-led movement that is working together to shift attitudes about people seeking asylum who have arrived by sea.

When you pledge to hold a conversation in your home or community, you will be joining thousands of people across the country who are working towards creating a fairer process for people seeking asylum.

Sign the pledge now and we’ll be in touch shortly to share our #RightTrack Conversation Toolkit and help you plan your conversation.