The Right Track network strongly believes that change comes from the bottom up and highly values grassroots actions in building the refugee justice movement. Which is why a vital part of the Right Track network are autonomous Community Action Groups that all work towards shifting community attitudes and campaigning for fairer asylum policies. The Right Track Network meet online bimonthly, it is a space to share ideas, support each and find opportunities to coordinate our work. 

Currently, there are many community action groups a part of Right Track, mainly in Victoria and New South Wales. The groups are listed on the side, a primary point of contact and a link to their website, so you can start working with people in your community to create a fairer future with people seeking asylum and refugee. 

If there is no contact option listed, please email Liyan at [email protected] (VIC) or Justin at [email protected] (NSW) and they can put you in touch. If you are a community group and want to join the Right Track network, email Liyan at [email protected]. If you are interested in joining a group at your school or university email Jenna at [email protected]