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Join us in calling for the fair treatment of people seeking asylum and refugees.
Together, over the last few months, we have made nearly 600 calls to politicians demanding fair treatment for people seeking asylum. Hundreds of individuals, community groups and students have gathered to make calls for justice, we are so powerful!

Join us this Monday 24 August at 12.30pm AEST (12.00pm ACST/10.30am AWST) to make calls to ensure that people in detention have access to their mobile phones and the outside world. Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, has introduced an amendment that will lead to the confiscation of mobile phones from detainees without reasonable cause. This will work to further silence, isolate and punish people without any independent oversight.

Due to COVID19 restrictions, people held in detention have not had visits from family members, friends and supporters or their lawyers since 20 March. Mobile phones are the primary means of contact for people held indefinitely in detention; if this amendment is successful, the Minister will be even more power to target, punish, isolate and harm the mental health of entire groups of people, by confiscating mobile phones from entire groups in times of crisis, blocking access to legal representation and independent medical and social care when people most need it to survive.

By calling our politicians and demanding that this amendment is dismissed we will show broad based community support for fair asylum policy. Putting pressure on politicians shows that this is an issue that is important and cannot be ignored. 

Together, lets call our politicians and demand fair treatment.
Grab some lunch and grab your phone, we will see you there!

The zoom link will be emailed upon RSVP.
Please share with your friends, every call matters, every voice is important.

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