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Join us in calling for the fair treatment of people seeking asylum and refugees during the ongoing covid19 crisis.
At this time it is so important to look after ourselves and our communities by including everyone in the safety nets and protocols that are necessary to keep everyone safe during a pandemic. Currently people detained by the government are not able to follow distancing protocols, are cut off from their communities and are not safe. The only way to keep people safe is to release people into our communities with appropriate government support.
By calling our politicians and demanding freedom not detention we will show broad based community support for fair asylum policy. Putting pressure on politicians shows that this is an issue that is important and cannot be ignored. 

Together, lets call our politicians and demand fair treatment.
Grab some lunch and grab your phone, we will see you there!

The zoom link will be emailed upon RSVP.
Please share with your friends, every call matters, every voice is important.

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