Forging a fairer future for people seeking asylum and refugees one conversation at a time

So you’ve just walked in the door for a holiday dinner—your cousins are arguing, the air smells like baked cinnamon, and some combo of Married At First Sight, Love Island or 7News is playing in the other room. It’s the first time you’ve seen Auntie Margaret or your cousin Henry in months, and after asking about school or work, you’d like to talk about refugee justice- but you’re not sure how.

     Aunt Margaret: "I don't like detention centres but don't we need to stop deaths at sea?"
Or maybe your family don’t want to “talk politics” at all. 
     Cousin Henry: "I don't like to discuss politics"

But we know that for us to win fairer policy we can't just be talking in our echo chamber. We need to be convincing people like Auntie Margaret who are conflicted, or your family friend Henry who doesn't know much about the issue.

We know from our previous wins, Let Them Stay and the Kids Off Nauru campaign, that we need the public support to put pressure on the government to do the right thing. We need to continue building public support for refugee justice to create lasting social and political change. The best time to do this is now.

We know from other social movements a that one-on-one values-based conversations is the most effective way to change people’s mind and shift broader community attitudes. This is why we aim to train thousands of people to have effective Breakthrough conversations with people in their lives who are conflicted on asylum issues to support fairer asylum policies. Which is why every conversation counts and your conversations are crucial to creating a safe and fairer future for people seeking asylum. 

For upcoming workshop see here Get ready to take some risks and try new things. Everyone is welcome as every conversation counts and your conversations are crucial to creating a safe and fairer future for people seeking asylum. “This workshop has really open up how I would have a conversation with my sister on refugee justice, who before I would have put in the too hard basket ” - attendee.

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PSA: Workshops have been postponed - With weekend updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19), we’ve made changes to our workshops going forward. Please continue to take care of yourself by eating well, washing your hands frequently, staying hydrated and following guidance from the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

We continue to monitor the situation closely, follow guidance from health organisations, and will provide you with updates of our workshops as we have them.