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This 3-hour workshop will introduce tools and strategies to have powerful values-based conversations to shift community attitudes about the rights of people seeking asylum. 

Have you been frustrated when discussion gets stuck in the same old stereotypes and perceptions? You are invited to a hands-on workshop to:

  • Learn how to have value-based conversations and who you should have them with
  • Plan your first Breakthrough conversation
  • Meet like-minded people who want to make a positive difference

Those who should attend are people supportive of the needs and rights of people seeking asylum & who want to influence others in the same direction. 

The Breakthrough Conversations workshops is designed to give you the skills to have one-on-one value-based conversations with people you know. To help change their hearts and mind, as well as inform them of the plight and injustices facing people seeking asylum in Australia today. People who have gone through the words that work training and conversations training could would still benefit from this training. 

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