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Two women having a conversation

To change the policy, we must change the conversation.

The refugee justice movement needs to do work to build public support for refugees and people seeking asylum. Breakthrough Conversations aims to build broad public support for people seeking asylum and for positive policy change by training supporters to have one-on-one conversations with people in their lives who are conflicted on asylum policies.

Through this project, we aim to train thousands of people to have effective values based conversations about the policies and issues facing people seeking asylum with people in their lives.  We aim to achieve this on a massive scale through activating networks of ally organisations, decentralised working groups, high school groups, university groups, and congregations of faith communities with a sole purpose to help change people’s hearts and minds about seeking asylum and build broad public support for positive policy change.

The project draws on successful tactics used in other social movements here and overseas, and is rooted in the learnings of the 2015 Words that Work research into the most effective messaging strategies to build support for people seeking asylum.

We’ve also set up an online tool for people to track how their conversations go. That way we can learn what messages and techniques are working best, and we can know what impact we’re having across the country.

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