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Monash LSS with Refugees This meeting was organised by Monash LSS with Refugees

Austin Bond recently organised people across the Monash University Law student cohort to meet with MP of Hotham Clare O'Neil about getting us back on the #RightTrack.

Monash LLS with Refugees' meeting with Clare was very positive, she reaffirmed Labor's position to remove temporary protection to reinstate permanent protection for people seeking asylum. It was in particular powerful for Clare to directly hear the experiences of someone seeking asylum and learn about the human impact of harsh policies.

Whilst Clare has, unfortunately, reiterated Labor current policy to continue to support offshore processing, she opposes the recent cuts to income support (SRSS). She was open to learning more about the current difficulties in the asylum seeking process, including procedural barriers such as a meaningful appeal of applications, over-burdensome forms, cuts to legal funding and how the forms and information are in English.

After the meeting, on August the 13th Clare spoke out against the income support cuts (SRSS) in Parliament in the Federation Chambers as an elected representative of a very diverse community and gave a shout out to the Monash LLS with Refugees. We applaud her for listening to and acting on the behalf of her constituency by taking leadership in making our community a welcoming place for people seeking asylum to rebuild their lives. 

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If there isn’t a meeting in your local area, you can organise your own meeting.

Local communities have been meeting their MPs asking them to get on the #RightTrack for people seeking asylum.