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Freedom Network This meeting was organised by Freedom Network

Freedom Network Meeting with Federal Labor MP Maria Vamvakinou


On Wednesday April 24th, over 40 people currently seeking asylum attended a powerful and comprehensive meeting where they expressed their main concerns

In her opening speech, Maria Vamvakinou said that everyone should have the opportunity to live in Australia.

By showing a strong commitment to the cause, she mentioned that Family Reunion must be a priority and Labor will abolish Temporary Protection Visas which keeps people in a permanent state of limbo.

Maria was very determined to listen to the members and gain a deeper understanding of the current lived experience of those who have come to Australia seeking asylum. Being confronted by the stories told by the attendees, she realised the situation is dire and people are being left in desperation.

The promises discussed in the meeting were the following:

- Abolish TPV visas by December
- Grant permanent protection
- Guarantee family reunion
- Return income support
- The closure of offshore detention centres

We are glad that Maria is very keen to know more about the issues of people seeking asylum and that she's aware on how shockingly unfair and inhumane the current policies are.

Thanks you for taking the time to meet with members of the community. We truly appreciate your commitment to build a better and understanding relationship between politicians and those coming to Australia seeking asylum.

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Local communities have been meeting their MPs asking them to get on the #RightTrack for people seeking asylum.