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Jessica Porter This conversation project was organised by Jessica Porter

The Wills and Batman #RightTrack group is running a Conversation Project throughout both electorates to help shift community attitudes. 

Hi! I'm Jess with the Wills and Batman #RightTrack group, and our project team is looking for people in Wills and Batman to host a conversation. 

Using resources developed by the ASRC, conversations are welcoming spaces where your guests can learn from each other, reflect on their values and form their own opinion about the Government’s process. This is the really exciting part--many shift their attitudes towards fairer policies by the end of the conversation!

Survey data from the conversation will be used to support the advocacy we're doing to ensure Peter Khalil and Ged Kearney continue to agitate within the Parliament on this issue on our behalf. There couldn’t be a more critical time to put forward a compelling case for change by hosting a conversation.

Hosting involves inviting about four or five friends who are open to learning more about the asylum process over to your place or a local meeting place for about a one-hour chat. Once you've signed up, our team will be in touch to give you more information and organise your facilitator, who will run your conversation and bring everything else that is needed. Look forward to speaking soon!

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